Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chamber Member sees 500% increase in online biz even in difficult economy!

Chamber member, Sheri Corey has always had a  talent for sewing.  For many years while her children were in school, she successfully designed and sewed custom draperies, bedding, slipcovers, and decorative accessories, primarily for local clients.  However, as her business (and her children) slowly grew, she recognized an untapped market for designer dorm bedding.  She watched as many of her neighbors and friends sent kids to college and loaded the car with items intended to make college dorm rooms more liveable.  She believed that the market would support her higher quality custom-designed items.  So 18 months ago, she launched a web-based dorm bedding design business that specifically targeted girls heading off to college.

It was an instant success!  Sheri assumed that her competition would be big box retailers including Pottery Barn, Target, and Anthropologie, and she knew she could not make a storefront investment to compete.  So she decided to create a compelling website and blog, and invested her time in social media to reach her audience.  Sheri states, "We love to interact with our customers, and during the design process we get to know many of the young women we are creating designs for....we love being a part of their move to college life through blogging, live chat, and even phone conversations!"  She also trusted her web developers to optimize her website via search engines.  With a good product and two week turnaround, she was able to turn site visits to sales, and subsequently, Dorm Suite Dorm posted a 500% increase in sales over the past 12 months - a remarkable achievement in today's economy!  Congratulations to Sheri!  Click here to visit her website!

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