Sunday, September 20, 2009

What does your Shop Mountain Brook purchase buy?

As a Mountain Brook resident, tax dollars from every purchase you make within the community: 

    *will help pave your streets,
    *will help fund your Police Department,
    *will help improve your schools,
    *and will improve the rating of your Fire Department,
      which in turn
    *will lower your homeowners insurance.

Your purchase in Mountain Brook ensures that convenient services will continue to locate their businesses in the villages near your residence.  And it ensures that local business owners will continue to contribute countless hours, products, and services in promoting their businesses and their location, and as a result, our entire community.

Shop outside of our community, and you send those valuable tax dollars elsewhere!  Remember as we begin shopping for this holiday season that OUR MERCHANTS NEED YOU to keep their businesses and our community strong!  Help us multiply the effect of your purchases tenfold!  Remember that funds from YOUR local purchase may then be spent by the recepient at the local grocery store, local gas stations, or for rent in our area.  Your tax dollars on every purchase can continue to benefit our community even beyond your purchases!

Remember that storefront businesses offer more than just a cheerful face, a tangible product that you can touch and see, and a hand-picked selection of merchandise.  They are the backbone of our business community and they need your support to continue to serve your needs!  When you need something, think hard, and SHOP MOUNTAIN BROOK first!  THANKS!

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