Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oak Street Garden Shop Harvest Sale

DON'T MISS OUT! Next Saturday, October 10, our Annual Sale and Harvest Festival at Oak Street Garden Shop

In the Market:
Apples - Honeycrisp, WineSap, Rome, Jonna Gold, Granny Smith, and Golden Crisp. The yellow and zuchinni squash are primo; colorful bell peppers, tomatoes, shelled peas & beans are all beautiful. We have fresh-cut dahlias, heirloom pumpkins, and bittersweet.

In the Nursery:
Fall is in full swing - Pansies and violas have arrived just to prove the point. Here are Billy's suggestions:

It's too early to plant them in the ground, but just fine in containers. Give them at least 4 hours of direct sunlight. Feed when planting, with Osmocote or organic Dynamite (we're trying it out ourselves this year to see how it works) Keep your containers watered. As flowers fade, pluck them off so new ones with follow.

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