Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Opportunity to Advertise in Guide to Mountain Brook

As part of their new marketing campaign, the Chamber is in the process of developing a new 80-page, perfect-bound "Guide to Mountain Brook", which will include detailed fold-out maps showing the location of merchants in the largest villages as well as tourism information regarding our local community and area attractions. The initial print will be 40,000 copies which will be distributed through our members, as well as through local tourism venues and attractions. We hope to include an online version of the guide on our website, as well as provide brochure-type stand-alone maps that can be used as hand-outs to visitors.

We are extremely excited about the new format of 4.5" x 9" which will fit in a purse, or inside jacket pocket, and which we hope will be a 'keeper' to share with out of town visitors and family for some time. The content and design will be compatible with our new website and overall print campaign.

We feel very strongly about the long-term benefit that this will provide to our merchants and are also excited about the reduced advertising rates and broader distribution that our advertisers will receive! Our publishing partner, Alliance Publishing, will be offering premium advertising space to our chamber GOLD LEVEL members first, on a first-come, first-served basis, followed by our general membership. We hope you will participate! We believe that this guide has been needed in our community for a long time and will be extremely well-received. We want our supporters to be the first to receive this marketing benefit.

Chamber members must reserve space before October 9th! We will be contacting you to make sure you've received that opportunity. After that date, we will open the advertising opportunity to the public. Thank you to all our chamber members for your continued support and we hope you will participate!

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