Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New store, Bagatelle, opening in Mtn Brook Village on July 9th! DRAWING!

Quote from the new owner–

"Bagatelle will be opening on July 9th with a Bastille Day Sale of 20% off all Yves Delorme products.  The address is 2415 Montevallo Road, and we have no phone as of yet.  As part of the new store opening, we will have a drawing for a $500 gift certificate for Yves Delorme linens!" 

It is considered a home concept store.  Yves Delorme has opened one in Santa Barbara, Dallas, and Washington.  They own these stores.  Mine will be the first in the country, privately owned.  The BIG stores are in Paris, St. Petersburg, and Dubai.  The exciting part for me is that it is French designed, and made in Europe.   While we won't have everything in the beginning that I would like to have (and couldn't possibly because of space limitations), we will continue to get shipments from France through the fall.  This store will have a French contemporary touch to it as well.


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