Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mountain Brook 'woman on the street' will be blogging from the coast! Help her out and follow her blog!

In her own words...

"I will be touring the Gulf Coast for two weeks. I will be traveling from Biloxi, MS to Apalachicola, FL. My plan is to gather updates and stories from the extremely important fishing communities we Southerners depend so much on. But I also plan to look in on the recreational beaches where I spent most of my childhood summers. Maybe not surprisingly, in my preliminary research, it seems to me that the situations down there are far more nuanced than we realized.

On my trek, I will also be reporting stories and oral histories for The Southern Foodways Alliance (www.southernfoodways.com), a tirelessly supportive organization that seeks to report on, preserve, and celebrate Southern Food Culture. So please follow and support them, as well.

Please follow the blog and share the link, if you're inclined. But also please feel free to weigh in if there are folks/businesses/restaurants/views you want me to check out while I'm down there. I'd love for the experience to be interactive.

Here's the link > Third Coast Byways

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