Monday, June 14, 2010

Agenda for City Council meeting TONIGHT! Lane Parke Public Hearing!

JUNE 14, 2010, 5:30 P.M.

  1. Judge Nichole (“Nikki) Still, democratic candidate for Jefferson County Circuit Judge, Place No. 17, to address the Mayor and Council.
  2. Consideration: Resolution recommending to the ABC Board the issuance of an 040 – Retail Beer (On or Off Premises) and an 060 – Retail Table Wine (On or Off Premises) to Books-A-Million (dba Joe Muggs) located at 2037 Cahaba Road in English Village.
  3. Consideration: Resolution authorizing the purchase and installation of a ferric chloride injection system for the waste water treatment facility at the high school and authorize the certain other improvements designed to optimize the system’s performance.
  4. Consideration: Resolution authorizing the abatement of the sign permit application fee for the public garden adjacent to the Emmet O’Neal Library.
  5. Consideration: Resolution authorizing the City Manager to offer continuing medical coverage to eligible employees (namely 20 years of City service at any age or 10 years of City service for ages 60 and over) who elect to retire between August 1, 2010 and May 1, 2010.
  6. Consideration: Resolution setting a public hearing for July 12, 2010 to consider a resolution amending the Planned Unit Development (PUD) development plan of the Cove at Overton (Ordinance Nos. 1700 and 1701 and Resolution No. 06-172).
  7. Consideration: Resolution setting a public hearing for July 12, 2010 to consider and ordinance rezoning the following properties: a) PC1810, Lockerbie Land Company, Inc., 28-16-3-0-8.004 and 28-16-3-0-11.009, Section 16, Township 18 South, Range 2 West, Jefferson County, Alabama, Residence A; b) PC1811, George Lynn, 28-16-3-0-10-RR-2, 2712 Lockerbie Circle, Estate; c) PC1812, Judith Suttle, 28-16-3-0-35-RR-2, 119 Queensbury Crescent, Clustered Residential; d) PC1813, William Bailey and Bonnie S. Bailey, 28-16-3-0-33-RR-1, 127 Queensbury Crescent, Clustered Residential; e) PC1814, Robert and Jill Luckie, 28-16-3-0-26-RR-2, 137 Queensbury Crescent, Clustered Residential; f) PC1815, Leighton C. Parnell, III as Trustee under the Mary Sue Parnell Qualified Personal Residence Trust, 28-16-4-2-4.01-RR-1, 312 Easton Circle, Residence A; g) PC1815, Leighton C. Parnell, III as Trustee under the Mary Sue Parnell Qualified Personal Residence Trust 28-16-4-2-4.01-RR-1, 312 Easton Circle, Residence A; h) PC1816, N. Thomas and Alice Williams, 28-16-4-2-36-RR-1, 3895 Lockerbie Drive, Residence A; i) PC1817, William and Deborah Denson, 28-16-4-2-35-RR-1, 3891 Lockerbie Drive, Residence A
  8. Consideration: Ordinance amending Sec. 6-109 of the City Code with respect to fines imposed for violations of the City’s [dog] leash law.
  9. Public hearing: Consideration of an ordinance rezoning approximately twenty-seven acres of property within the City of Mountain Brook, Alabama, located at the intersection of Lane Park Road and Culver Road in Mountain Brook Village (2700-2717 Culver Road, 2629 Cahaba Road and 2525 Park Lane Court, North, 35223) from Local Business District and Residence D District to Planned Unit Development District, to amend the zoning ordinance and map of the City of Mountain Brook accordingly, and to modify the Building and Development Regulating Plan for Mountain Brook Village to reflect the changes resulting from the rezoning
  10. Other business.
  11. Adjourn.

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