Monday, March 1, 2010

Time to think about Gardening? Check out this info from Oak Street Garden Shop!

This week's class at Oak Street
Starting Seeds    Thursday 11:30 a.m    Call 870-7542 to save a seat.
We'll learn all the in's and out's of starting veggie and annual seeds indoors.  This is fun, economical, and a great way to grow goodies not readily available. 

Next 2 weeks:
Gardens in Glass -
Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes. Bring your container or choose one of ours.
Salad for Dinner -
Discover the wonderful world of fresh greens, some ready in only a few weeks from seed.

Clean up your pansies and violas. Remove yellowed leaves, pinch old blooms, and feed. Calcium Nitrate (a granular) is the very best best right now. And for instant gratification, treat yourself to a few new plants. We have plenty and they're gorgeous.
Pre-emerge your warm season lawn. If you have zoysia, Bermuda, centipede or St. Augustine, this is the time to eliminate the weed seeds that are about to germinate.  While pre-emerge will not kill existing weeds, it does very effectively get rid of their seedy offspring.

Clean up your houseplants.  Dust their leaves, check for insects, and promise them longer days with good light are just around the corner.
Did you know houseplants clean the air inside your home, ridding the atmosphere of harmful chemicals?  No kidding. It's worth adding a few to give your home a breath of fresh air.  Check out the article Ellen has on to read about the top 5 plants.

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