Thursday, March 11, 2010

Like Coffee? Then don't miss our local barista on the History Channel tonight!

What will you be doing Thursday night, March 11 at 9 PM, Eastern time?
Hopefully, you will be watching Royal Cup Coffee on the History Channel! The show is Food Tech / Italian Dinner with host Bobby Bognar...

Now, for a little 'history' about Royal Cup on the History Channel...One year ago, Jim Gaston had the opportunity to meet Rafael Hernandez, our green coffee exporter of Costa Rica and accompany a History Channel crew, filming the coffee portion of the Food Tech/Italian Dinner show. They filmed in the Tarrazu region and documented the journey of the coffee bean from the trees at 6500+ feet to the local processing cooperative, where they were washed, separated, dried and bagged, ready to be shipped to Royal Cup. Stacy Hawkins and Ben Pitts met the History Channel crew at the H.C.Valentine speciality roasting plant, where Stacy demonstrated the speciality roasting process. Ben, then demonstrated how a barista grinds,tamps, pulls and serves a delicious shot, or two, of Royal Cup espresso! This, of course, will top off any great Italian dinner...

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