Thursday, March 4, 2010

Missed the merchants' meeting this morning? Here's the scoop!

Merchants, there is LOTS GOING ON!
Please make sure you're aware of all of the following events.  If not, check with your neighborhood ambassador or contact the chamber.  If you do NOT receive an enewsletter, please sign up in the green margin at the top of the page after clicking  HERE.  You will also find detailed information on this page for all the events below.

  1. Ambassadors to Villages are being identified and will attend meetings and provide other merchants with detailed information.  However, please try to attend monthly merchants meetings.  We want every merchant to be well informed about all the upcoming opportunities!
  2. Go & Grow – March 24th – Coupons made Easy with Our Four Local Grocers and Holly Syx, Community Blogger with - INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!  Support your Local Grocers AND Save Money!  Lots of innovation in the couponing business that YOU need to know about!
  3. Customer Service Seminar –Is there merchant interest in customer service certification programs?
  4. Guidebooks are being distributed to over 65 locations throughout Alabama
  5. Scavenger Hunt in ALL the Villages – ‘Scout out the Villages” – Proposed date of August 5th
  6. Mountain Brook Challenge - update:  Getting involvement of the schools to provide "Open Play" opportunities, coordinating with all the fitness centers
  7. Imagine Mountain Brook - update:  See Mountain Brook GIVES BACK!  Posting all the good things Mountain Brook Residents do for others HERE  Share YOUR stories!
  8. Advertising Opportunities Packaged:  Please share your favorite advertising contacts and we will gather ALL this information into one seminar in September.  Include radio, print, television, etc - anything that's worked for you!  The chamber will be doing the same and we will compare notes!
  9. Legends of Motorsports Event – May 20th - Mayor Terry Oden
  10. Please contact the chamber regarding a tie-in event at your store, special promotion, or coupon/gift item that you would like to include in 'goody bags' to be provided to the wives of the vintage race car owners.

Please review the Annual Events Calendar by clicking HERE
Mark your calendars for:
• Earth Month Kick-Off Party hosted by Richard Joseph SalonSpa at Dram – April 1st
• Quarterly Luncheon – Jeff County Commissioners – April 1st
• Easter Egg Hunt - April 3rd (Once Upon a Time is organizing this event)
• Art Association Spring Show – April 10th
• Go & Grow - Edible Gardening – April 20th with Oak Street and A Social Affair
• Ovarian Cancer Motherwalk in Crestline – May 8th
• Mountain Brook Elementary’s 80th Anniversary – May 20th
• Spring a Ling a Ding Dong in English Village on May 22nd
• Market Day in Mountain Brook on July 24th
• Dawg Daze & Flea Market in Crestline on August 21st

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