Friday, February 12, 2010

Update on The Daily Bread Project which distributes Crestline Bagels to those in need

(From February 1st post)  Crestline Bagel must discard their extra, day-old bagels each day due to health regulations.  As a result of concerned Mountain Brook residents, there is now a ministry through Canterbury United Methodist Church's Brown Bag project to collect, freeze, and distribute the bagels to those in need.  If you would like to help volunteer to pick up, sort, freeze, and distribute these bagels,  please contact Cora by clicking HERE or go to Canterbury's website, Service link > Food Pantry for more information. 

Here is an update from Volunteer Coordinator, Lucie:

"I have had a tremendous response from all of you wanting one day a week or one or two days a month that it is almost overwhelming, and I wanted to give a report and then a schedule for this month and next, but FIRST know that NOT ONE DAY of bagels has been thrown out since we started The Daily Bread Project which is awesome and this is where they have gone:

  • Last week alone 412 went to Highland United Methodist Church where they feed 120 homeless women and children 6 days a week 
  • 186 bagels went to the Catholic Center for Concern
  • Canterbury United Methodist Church received over 400 bagels two weeks in a row for Brown Bag.  
    This week we have already delivered 56 bagels to the Ronald McDonald House
  • Some will go to the CCC again and to CUMC Brown Bag and to HUMC 

I have called the First Light as many of you suggested, and they cannot use them at this time.  Tomorrow we are taking  probably 200ish to be split between the Firehouse Shelter and Safehaven.  I have also called Jimmie Hale Mission and they are to get back to me tomorrow.  I still want to contact some other agencies but just haven’t had time yet, so hopefully, we can keep getting them to where they will be used. "     

If you would like to volunteer, please EMAIL Lucie
for detailed instructions, or visit Canterbury's website, Service link > Food Pantry for more information.    We LOVE YOU, Crestline Bagel! Thanks to all the volunteers!

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