Friday, August 27, 2010

"Come PAINT with me" at Amano's to benefit The Bell Center Sept 18th

2707 Culver Rd.
Mountain Brook Village
manager: Niki Quick

 “Come Paint With Me”
by the Ticking Children

a benefit for The Bell Center for Early Intervention Programs

Amano Hosts The Tickings!
A workshop and exhibit by children for children…
Sat., Sept. 18, 10-4
Amano of Mountain Brook Village announces a workshop and exhibit for a group of very special artists.  Dorothy Ticking is a grandmother raising 4 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.  Birmingham artist, Tres Taylor and his wife Helene have been mentoring the family for 7 years.  Now this family supports themselves with their own craft.  Amano proudly supports this artistic venture and host the children as new artists in the gallery.  To present these young artists to the community, there will be a workshop for all ages in front of the store.  On Saturday, Sept. 18th, 10-4, Birmingham’s children are invited to come paint with the Tickings.  They will be painting on tarpaper with house paint like their mentor Tres Taylor.  Each child will paint a strand of tarpaper dolls.  One doll can be taken home and the rest of the strand will be donated to The Bell Center for Early Intervention Programs.  There will also be a featured painting auctioned to benefit the Bell Center.

Amanos windows will be draped with the Tickings’ playful art beginning September 8th.  The children’s art is filled with joyous imagery that only children can produce.

The Tickings are empowered by art. 
They are tomorrows heroes.

All ages welcome.
Painting with house paint, so please wear paint clothes!
Helene Taylor

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