Saturday, January 16, 2010

Want to Join the Mountain Brook Art Association? Here's how...

The only requirement for membership is that you live within 25 miles of Mountain Brook City Hall located at 56 Church St., Mountain Brook, AL  35213. Annual dues are *$30 (payable to "MBAA") and are due in January.

Dues and directory information may be mailed to the Assistant Treasurer, David Nichols at 4001 Greystone Dr., Birmingham, AL  35242.

Any address, phone or email changes may be sent to or mailed to the address above.

Your listing on our website:  Please send a photo or jpeg image of a painting and one of your face for the website to (or to Gayle Hurley, 4120 Shiloh Dr., Birmingham, AL  35213).  You may also send her info to put on a separate artist page including:
   - your contact info
   - a brief artist statement and/or resume
   - other affiliations, galleries, etc.

Image files should be in the size range of 640 x 480 pixels or smaller.

Current members must renew your membership by Mar. 1 in order to be included in the directory and the website. The new directory is distributed at the March meeting.  Members not renewing by Mar. 1 will be moved to an Inactive List and will be dropped the following year from the roll.  Dues paid by current members after the March meeting will be assessed a $5 late fee.

* = New members who join after the July meeting may pay prorated dues of $15 for the rest of the year.

Send in this information for the directory with your dues.
Zip Code
Home Phone
Cell or Business Phone
Email Address 

Next Event is April 10th!  Details HERE!

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